Former Governor of Pennsylvania and head of United States Homeland Security Tom Ridge leads the world in combatting cyber crime. His extensive and unique experiences of building the U.S. security infrastructure post 9/11 combined with the experts he's teamed with from the security and policy sectors have built a mulit-faceted practice. When there's a cyber incident, Ridge Global is the go-to expert for CEOs of the largest enterprises worldwide.

Like many companies, Ridge Global needed to understand who they are. The practice is a conglomerate of several specialty service lines that include cyber security, insurance, education, and policy. Unlike many companies though, the umbrella uniting these specialty lines is the The Honorable Tom Ridge's name.

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We started by aligning several lines of business under a consolidated Ridge Global brand. From this brand center, we provided a digital platform to express the various service lines and showcase who Ridge Global is, its key people, and what the company is capable of. We helped the company express the brand through business collateral. You'll know when you get a Ridge Global business card, you're getting the best — you're getting Tom Ridge.


It’s about aspirations and setting realistic goals to get there. It’s about doing it the healthy way and not the quick “easy” way. It’s doing what’s right for you. Whether your aspiration is being there to dance with your daughter at her wedding, keeping up the pace your kids set or simply dropping some extra weight, there’s a way to do it. There’s a way to be better. And Aspire will help you in turning these aspirations turn into reality.


With the short amount of time a passer-by has to look at outdoor messaging, Freefall created short health aspirations to make people think about the future of their own health. We tagged them with the AspireFIT logo to try and drive people to the new location. For web information we sent them to the newly created site.

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Freefall was engaged to design and develop a new Ridge Global web site. The site is naturally responsive and built on a CMS to provide simple management.


Being the main social media gateway used by Aspire, Freefall brought the look and feel into alignment with the rest of the campaign. Beyond this we helped develop a new social strategy for the Aspire brand to follow.

The social message Freefall implemented for Aspire follows the look and feel of the print campaign – simple health aspirations that relate to viewers and how they look at their current state of health. Being that the AspireFIT location was newly minted, these ads were aimed at those who might seek the help offered there.

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