Global energy needs are growing. Our dependence on oil is formidable and not going away any time soon. With alternative energy sources in our distant future, we need alternatives to oil and coal now. After all, these fuel industry and businesses, communities and cars, even agriculture that produces the food we eat.

A northeast startup came to us with their strategy to bridge the fuel gap and provide alternative fueling sources. Pennsylvania is renowned as one of the most beautiful and scenic states, blanketed with vast forests and mountains sitting right smack dab in the Appalachians. Maybe lesser known is that Pennsylvania sits atop one of the largest natural gas deposits on the planet — a fuel source that could have dramatic effect on reliable fuel availability at lower cost. Those tapping this resource have historically been dependent on pipelines to distribute the fuel. This is a costly and timely process of routing fuel to the businesses and communities that need it. Compass had a disruptive idea to get it to people quicker and cheaper. All they need is road.

Compass Natural Gas is disrupting natural gas pipeline dependency by taking to the roads with a huge, mobile gas delivery fleet. What you may also not know about Pennsylvania is that it is the interstate hub of the east coast, boasting 40,500 miles of state roads and highways and roughly 25,000 bridges. This developed and intricate roadway system offers itself as a pipeline for CNG's trucks to get just about anywhere in the state in reasonable time, affordably, without need for a pipeline connection.

Below is a glimpse into the ongoing work that Freefall has created for Compass Natural Gas. In line with helping CNG develop a brand voice that better tells the story of who they are and what their mission is Freefall has created the work to present this brand story and get it out into the public eye.


Starting literally from scratch, we got to work helping the company define its identity and brand. The identity needed to be simple, strong, and recognizable, easy to remember, and work visually across the whole of their vehicle livery, uniforms, signage, facility and storage tank designs. We opted to abbreviate the main visual identity from "Compass Natural Gas" to "CNG" which fit the bill as a strong brand mark that rolled off the tongue easily. This became the core from which all collateral followed.