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What is your brand?

You may think your brand is just your logo. Really that’s only a very small component of what a brand is. If you understand your own brand, it can help you drive business, build a culture of happy employees, and add a significant chunk to


Win more with a great website

You’ve launched your new website — but where are all the new customers? You’ve invested considerable money in a tech firm to develop your site. It just doesn’t make sense. Where is the customer engagement machine you envisioned? Surely you hired the best coders in


The best way of saying is doing

What are you doing to actively make your business grow? Are you putting planning into action or are you talking more about the things you should be doing? If you’re stuck in a bit of analysis-paralysis, here’s some insight that may help push you off


Redefined: Redefined

Lately marketing must make you feel like your understanding of life is inadequate. I mean, everything has been “redefined” — or at least that’s been the lazy go-to designation of reintroducing new marketing spin on products and services that have been around forever. If you’ve


I guess we have a blog now

Hi gang. The title really says it all: we do have a blog now. But who’s really got anything that important to say anymore? We do. Sure there are a lot of agencies out there who use a blog to promote themselves, show that they’re