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Complete Cyber Resiliency

Former head of Homeland Security and Governor of PA Tom Ridge helps global enterprises protect against and respond to cyber attacks in a growing digital world. View work

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Aspiring to change the face of health care

Two doctors had a different way to look at health that favors running marathons over prescriptions. Freefall helped them grow from their first location to an expanding healthcare tour de force. View work

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Making a big splash in customer service

One of our favorite projects and clients thus far, we're proud to introduce Capital Region Water to the Harrisburg community. Led by Shannon Williams, we've infused an old authority with fresh customer-centricity. View work


Miracle Workers

Connect with customers through creative brand, marketing, and web campaigns designed to get people damn near fanatical about you.


Our creative work is crafted with strategic intent to build business around a strong brand core. Every company has a story we need to bring to life to connect customers to brands, their products and services.

Freefall was formed by ad agency mavericks who set out to build a more dynamic agency model because we so happen to favor results over convention. We adopted more of a "SEAL Team 6" model that gives clients a crack team of specialists to run through walls for them to launch new products, grow new markets, or reinvent their brands.

Dive into work we've done for some of our favorite clients.


Clever Little Devils

Not afraid to get our hands dirty either

Convention works, but knowing how to break the rules in just the right ways gets results you'd sell your soul for. The imps at Freefall have the experience to know when to broker deals with traditional thinking and employ more unconventional methods to get results with creative marketing. We're craftsmen who enjoy building creative traditional and digital marketing tools to devastate competitors and win the love of customers. We've spent the better part of two decades playing mad scientists in our own businesses and agencies cooking up devilish ploys for some of the most reputable brands and it's left us with playful spirits tempered with street-smart calculation.

From chaos comes genius and it's in our results. Our work is our play and we take playtime very seriously...



What keeps you up at night? Let us fulfill your deepest creative marketing desires.

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