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Aspiring to change the face of health care

Two doctors had a different way to look at health that favors running marathons over prescriptions. Freefall helped them grow from their first location to an expanding healthcare tour de force. View work

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Making a big splash in customer service

One of our favorite projects and clients thus far, we're proud to introduce Capital Region Water to the Harrisburg community. Led by Shannon Williams, we've infused an old authority with fresh customer-centricity. View work

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A mission to help men, women, children

Bethesda Mission is celebrating its 100th year helping men, women, and children who suffer abuse and addiction reclaim their lives. Freefall breathed new life into this historic brand renewing their promise to the Harrisburg community for the next 100 years. Sneak preview


Miracle Workers

Connect with customers through creative brand, marketing, and web campaigns designed to get people damn near fanatical about you


Our creative work is crafted with strategic intent to build business around a strong brand core. Every company has a story we need to bring to life to connect customers to brands, their products and services.

Freefall was formed by ad agency mavericks who set out to build a more dynamic agency model because we so happen to favor results over convention. We adopted more of a "SEAL Team 6" model that gives clients a crack team of specialists to run through walls for them to launch new products, grow new markets, or reinvent their brands.

Dive into work we've done for some of our favorite clients.


Clever Little Devils

Not afraid to get our hands dirty either

Convention works, but knowing how to break the rules in just the right ways gets results you'd sell your soul for. The imps at Freefall have the experience to know when to broker deals with traditional thinking and employ more unconventional methods to get results with creative marketing. We're craftsmen who enjoy building creative traditional and digital marketing tools to devastate competitors and win the love of customers. We've spent the better part of two decades playing mad scientists in our own businesses and agencies cooking up devilish ploys for some of the most reputable brands and it's left us with playful spirits tempered with street-smart calculation.

From chaos comes genius and it's in our results. Our work is our play and we take playtime very seriously...

Jay Bowser

Managing Partner

Jay Bowser

Jay started Freefall to build an "anti-agency" that removes the bloat and stagnation from agency process in favor of a lean and dynamic elite team of supercreatives. Freefall is the embodiment of Bowser — a human multi-tool equal parts executive, designer, strategist, illustrator, and coder.

Jay's successes in life have been driven by doing the right thing. As an entrepreneur, he has a deep understanding of what it's like to start up a business and turn concept into cash flow. Most businesses are in it for more than money and that's where the heart of great brands starts. Being able to walk in their shoes illuminates solutions traditional agencies miss because their perspective stops at a deliverable, not what's really keeping a business owner up at night.

Jay is committed to mastering anything he tries so it's not hard to believe when he started running he became an accomplished ultramarathoner in his first year. He can now be found running pretty much any time he's not making creative magic.

Matt Barclay

Creative Director

Matt Barclay

Matt likes bringing brands and people together. Today's brands need to do more than just talk AT people, they must start a meaningful conversation.

With nearly two decades of connecting consumers with brands through advertising, Matt has worked at agencies with clients from local to international scope. He cut his teeth working on the Nike and Miller Brewing brands while at Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, OR, and has since bumped bottom-lines at clients like Edward Jones Investments, Dairy Queen, and Liberty Mutual.

After years of looking for a certain missing ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the advertising industry Matt has landed happily with like minds at Freefall Creative with the mission of building something better. With an accomplished background in visual design and communication, Matt purposely strives to keep a brand’s voice visually and conceptually interesting and on target.

Matt is a great lover of the outdoors. An accomplished fisherman, navigator, and hiker, he enjoys blazing new trails in unmarked territory in his spare time.

Nic Banting


Nic Banting

Nic earned his stripes over the last 10 years working in and for large organizations trying to change their ways. He came to Freefall with a varied toolkit that helps him surgically target business objectives and creatively boost branding and sales opportunities.

Versed in marketing, psychology and statistics, Nic will always look at harmonizing brand with all elements of the customer experience. Great creative can have marvelous effect but only if it's informed by good data, better analysis, and clear interpretation.

Nic is a leader and master motivator who works with Freefall's client roster to bolster inspiration, balance, and resolve. The Beatles taught us that team dynamic is everything. In this spirit, Nic lives to collaborate with clients to build great businesses.

In his spare time Nic can be found somewhere on the planet hurtling at high speeds or on his beloved yoga mat.

Afolabi Oyelowo

Digital Marketing Strategist

Afolabi Oyelowo

Afolabi is a versatile and experienced digital marketer who uses the power of technology to connect customers and brands online.

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Afolabi a demolitions specialist using search engine marketing and optimization (SEM/SEO), social media marketing, project management, market research, and analytics to set off fireworks that result in business results. He is Google AdWords certified and his past clients include Procter & Gamble, Citizens Financial Group (RBS), The Hershey Company, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Humana Health, Nokia, and Fidelity Investments.

Born and raised in Nigeria Afolabi treats the world as a classroom, using new skills to perform better, give back, and pay it forward. When not in front of a computer, Afolabi is a soccer-playing-and-coaching DJ who enjoys biking to yoga class while reading.



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